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The importance of music is inescapable; the worlds love for music is undeniable. The effect it has on us at times is indescribable. Only God knows what the world would be like without music.

Can you even imagine a song bird without a song, Christmas without the carols, or a baby without a lullaby?

God obviously knew when He stepped onto the balcony of space and looked into the eternal blackness, how difficult it would be for human beings to exist without music.

So, when He scooped up the dust of the earth to form mankind he decided to place a song in his heart. Then, He gave him a voice to sing it, ears to hear it, a mind to comprehend its beauty, and a desire to share it.

To some, He gave a special gift and placed in their hearts a stronger desire to share the song. Some of these specially gifted ones recognized their gift was given to them by the great creator and they fell in love with him. In turn he placed His love in their hearts and their song became something more beautiful and very special, because it was blended with the sweetness of His own spirit. This wonderful blending made it possible for their special gift to touch others in life changing ways. The Tom Walker Family realizes they have been blessed by God and they are truly grateful for every opportunity to share their special gift. God only, knows why He chose to place His spirit and a special song in their hearts.  Only eternity will tell how many lives were touched by their ministry. And for all that is accomplished “TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOR IT BELONGS TO HIM AND HIM ALONE,” says the members of the Tom Walker Family.

This New Castle, Pennsylvania based family group is uniquely different. Though, they love and sing the rich southern gospel style, they have never had any connection to the South, where this wonderful music originated. Another unique difference between The Tom Walker Family and most other southern gospel groups is that, they cannot refer back to the specific point in time when it all began. It seems they gradually and progressively evolved into their present ministry form.

Tom, the father and group manager, says, “I guess I’m the one responsible for getting it all started.” Tom began singing southern gospel music at age seventeen with the Colporteurs Quartet, another family group, comprised of; Tom, Ted Walker, his brother, Susie Moss, his sister, and his two cousins; Jack Allison and Marilyn Leasure.  After nearly twelve years Tom left the Colporteurs and was joined by his wife, Linda, to form a contemporary gospel duet. For a number of years they enjoyed the blessings of the Lord on this ministry. In time they were joined by their three children; Michelle Huff, Melinda Krotky, and Tom Walker, and at this time they returned to the southern gospel style they love so much.

Although, they have never felt the calling to enter a fulltime gospel music ministry, for more than twenty years now, they have spread the good news of Christ’s love by performing in churches, theaters, at fairs and parks, and as well as hosting various indoor and outdoor multi-group events and homecoming style sings. For more than five years they have also hosted The Sounds of Southern Gospel on W.S.I.R.680 A.M. radio every Sunday morning.

It has been The Tom Walker Family’s blessed privilege to share the stage with some of the best known southern gospel artists in the country including; The Down East Boys, The Hemphills, Mark Bishop, The Cathedrals. The Lumber River Quartet, The Soul’d Out Quartet and many others. It is their prayer and deepest desire that Jesus Christ will touch people in life changing ways through their music ministry.


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